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How a Chiropractor Can Help With Your Back Pain

For many, a busy life can sometimes lead to back pain. It is a common problem faced by millions of Americans, and it can be uncomfortable and debilitating. Simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of your car, sitting at a desk, playing with your child, or standing for long periods of time can become nearly impossible, and the pain and discomfort can wear on you, mentally and emotionally. Back pain care in Hialeah Gardens by Vida Chiropractic miami.

Back pain can happen from many different causes. It might be an acute or chronic pain from a fall, car accident, bad posture, heavy weight lifting, recreational activity, or pregnancy. Either way, a chiropractor can offer solutions to get you back to your regular activities. A chiropractor has the knowledge and qualifications to diagnose the cause of your pain and to set up a treatment plan. Here are some common treatments you might encounter when you see a chiropractor:

Soft tissue manipulation

Tight, sore muscles around your spine are often a major contributor to back pain. A chiropractor can work to relax and treat these muscles, and in turn reduce the pain you are experiencing. This might include manual release therapy, which slowly stretches the afflicted muscles while applying pressure, or trigger point therapy, which applies direct pressure on the source of the tension (often felt as a ‘knot’). Your chiropractor might also use Graston technique as a form of soft tissue manipulation. This technique uses a tool or instrument to apply gentle pressure, soothe sore muscles, and stimulate blood flow.

Chiropractic Adjustments

When the source of your back pain is a misalignment of a joint, manual therapies will often be used to correct the misalignment and improve the motion of the joint. This will sometimes be done with a technique known as joint mobilization, which is gentle stretches of an affected joint to help improve mobility and comfort. Other times, it will be done by a chiropractic adjustment, which is a quicker movement to adjust the position of a joint or vertebral segments to help remove pressure off a nerve and restore its optimal positioning and range of motion.


In addition to in-office treatments, a chiropractor will provide you with some exercises or stretches to reinforce the work they have done. These are often simple exercises you can do a few times a week to help your body heal and promote good muscle and joint positioning. These exercises will help you to stretch and strengthen muscles in the problem area to prevent injury reoccurrence or injury aggravation.

An injury to your back might not seem serious, but minor conditions can sometimes develop into more serious chronic ones if left unaddressed, such as herniated discs and pinched nerves. Ignoring back pain won’t make it go away, and taking pain medications and toughing it out could be causing further damage. If you have had back pain for more than a few days, or if the pain is serious and debilitating, you should visit a licensed chiropractor at Vida Chiropractic as soon as possible. A chiropractor can help you to understand the problem and will create a treatment plan to get you back on your feet, pain free.

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