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Physical therapy

People believe that aches and pains are an inevitable part of aging. Actually, most of the discomfort that people experience is caused by wear and tear that can be treated with massage therapy at Vida Chiropractic Miami.

When it’s practiced by a highly trained and licensed professional, massage therapy in Miami can provide significant relief from physical discomfort. Many people who undergo this treatment at Vida Chiropractic Miami find that their overall quality of life is enhanced. Even better, clients experience an alleviation of discomfort that enables them to return to favorite pastimes and deal more productively with stress. Clearly, massage therapy can have far-reaching, positive outcomes.

Many people live with unexplained numbness or tingling in their extremities, the debilitating discomfort of chronic headaches and migraines or neck and back pain that limits their range of motion. Before they come to Vida Chiropractic Miami, they feel like they have tried everything to no avail. However, their hope is renewed after experiencing massage therapy.

Here is a sampling of the massage therapy techniques that may be used at Vida Chiropractic Miami:

Trigger Point Massage

Sometimes, pain in one portion of the body is caused by a trigger point located elsewhere. That’s because your body is a single, highly connected system. When one muscle is overused or injured, it can cause discomfort in other areas. For instance, you may have a trigger point in your back that is causing your neck to hurt. A knowledgeable massage therapist can locate the trigger point, and then use a pressure and release technique to purge toxins and bring immense relief.

Swedish Massage

If you are experiencing numbness, stiffness and pain, then a Swedish massage at Vida Chiropractic Miami may be just what you need. This trusted technique has been shown to promote circulation, flush lactic acid from fatigued muscles and improve range of motion. Using expert-level knowledge of anatomy and the circulatory system, a Swedish massage may enable you to lead a more active lifestyle.

Sports Massage

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies, and those demands can take a toll. When overuse or injury threatens optimal performance, sports massage may be able to correct the situation. While this treatment technique is frequently used on athletes who are trying to improve their performance or recover from an injury, it also may be beneficial to anyone who experiences sore, stiff muscles that interfere with their quality of life.

Deep Tissue Massage

When muscles deep within the body become misaligned and painful, deep tissue massage may be the only technique that can correct the situation. People who experience ongoing pain in the lower back or stiffness in the neck may be able to derive significant benefit from deep tissue massage at Vida Chiropractic Miami.

Pregnancy Massage

The miracle of childbearing is transformative for the human body. Unfortunately, it also can be a time of physical and emotional stress. A pregnancy massage alleviates the discomfort and stress that many expectant mothers experience in a safe and effective manner.